The Leadership Shift


A transformational leadership programme to unlock your potential, push the boundaries of what you thought was possible and accelerate your transition to the next level.

Walk into your leadership brilliance

People attending our programmes recognise the experience as a pivotal moment in their leadership journey. Our positive and outcomes focused approach enables participants to liberate their brilliance for long term and sustainable change.

Programme Outcomes
"My life is forever changed as a result"
Self Awareness
An increased self-awareness like you've never had before
A fundamental shift in your leadership mindset
A clear vision of what kind of leader you want to be
Increased capacity for leadership action that benefits those around you and delivers commercial value
Tools and techniques to enable and sustain change across your business
A dynamic process for change that will deliver a clear return on your Investment (ROI) in this programme
Our Development Process
"A great balance of care and challenge"
"My go to people for senior leadership coaching"
"What works for us is their creative & innovative learning approach"
Application & Selection
We do the up front evaluation to ensure you get the best possible learning group and develop more of your potential.
Preparing the Ground
1-to-1 executive coaching, a leadership 360, Hogan diagnostic and a development conversation with your line manager and coach.
4-Day Immersive Leadership Experience
Hands on leadership development in an inspiring location that will accelerate your leadership capability through an intensive and personalised experience. Building in exploration, dialog, reflection, feedback, in-action coaching, guest speakers, latest thinking on systems thinking, managing complexity, resilience and leading change.
Delivering the Change
The Leadership Experience is followed by additional 1-to-1 coaching sessions, action learning sets, manager engagement and tool kit for delivering ROI to your business as part of your leadership shift.
Tracking & Reporting
Simple and effective evaluative method that allows you to capture and articulate learning progress, leadership implementation and business impact.
Programme Features
World Class Coaches
World Class Coaches
Collaborate with Other Leaders from Diverse Organisations
Powerful and Memorable Learning Journey
Dynamic Tracking and Reporting to Support your Shifts
Inspirational Learning Spaces

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